Posted by Linda and Franky

Marie did my make up for my sister in laws wedding and she did an AMAZING job that I booked her pretty much that day! That day happened to be a year and a half in advanced but Marie was a vendor I didn’t want to lose. She showed up to my parents house to do my make up along with about 9 other girls. Each girl looked AMAZING! A couple of my girls expressed concern because they are picked about their makeup artists but everyone looked great and loved Marie.

Marie is a SWEETHEART!!! We were running behind schedule when it was my turn to get my make up down. Even in a “rush” I looked better then beyond anything I could have imagined. I didn’t even go for a trial on what I wanted my wedding look to be with her and she NAILED it first shot.

She is talented and a great person. We all love Marie and I almost wish I could find an excuse to use her again.

Posted by Jennifer and Michael

I can’t say enough!!! Marie is beyond amazing….her talent and ability to replicate any look is amazing and her personality and demeanor is so caring and upbeat. Marie is completely professional and always on time and willing to make your day as easy as possible for you. Marie did my makeup for my boudoir pictures, my best friends wedding, and my wedding and I felt like she wasn’t one of my vendors but a friend! Marie Katz is AMAZING!!!

Posted by Heather and James

Marie not only provided amazing makeup for me and all of my bridesmaids, but she was also the highlight of everybody’s morning. She worked on 9 people in total and had a smile on her face the entire time. She was definitely the morning’s entertainment for all of us! And throughout the makeup application, she never got lazy or did less of a job on anyone. All of us girls still looked amazing by the end of the night. My makeup has been one of the most complimented elements of my wedding and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Posted by Amanda and Brian

My experience with Marie was amazing! I know there is a lot of competition out there and I really spent a lot of time trying to figure out who would be a good choice for me in terms of talent and who listens and delivers. When I first met with Marie, I had the best time. My trial with her was a lot of fun and I felt very comfortable with her immediately. She knew, by looking at my dress, my style and our wedding book exactly what type of look I was going for. In other experiences I’ve had with makeup artists, they tend really overdo it and make me look like someone I don’t recognize. Marie brought out my best features and made me feel amazing and beautiful. In terms of airbrush makeup versus traditional makeup, I LOVE airbrushing. I was afraid that the rumors of “cakey application” “unnatural look” “looks bad up close” were true – and Marie addressed my concerns via email (I asked A LOT of questions :o) BUT airbrushing looks amazing, feels like it’s not even on your skin, looks flawless in pictures and looks completely natural up close! I was also afraid it would make me breakout because I have very sensitive skin – BUT my skin LOVED airbrushing. I broke out more with other traditional makeup. I had zero problems with the airbrushing! I was excited to see the results – also I was SO impressed with how LONG the airbrushing lasts! The trial lasted almost 12 hours and the wedding lasted the ENTIRE day – I had my makeup applied around 1:30pm, our wedding pictures were on the sunny beach from 4pm – 5pm, and then the wedding from 6 – midnight. I didn’t have one single problem, nothing ran, smeared, moved. Even with me dancing like a maniac with our friends and family, sweating and being silly. It just looked flawless! I used some rice paper blotters here and there because my skin can be slightly oily at times and that’s all I needed. I only needed to reapply my lip gloss here and there. Marie also did makeup for my mom and my matron of honor. My mom, who never wears makeup LOVED Marie’s work and we thought she looked amazing. My Matron of Honor also was so in love with how she looked! The three of us felt amazing! All in all, I absolutely LOVE Marie! I know she’ll laugh, but I can’t wait to need an artist again because I’m definitely using her!! She’s amazingly talented and a wonderful, funny, sweet person that will make you feel amazing and bring out the most beautiful you possible! I highly recommend her and thank her from the bottom of my heart for making that portion of my wedding day so easy and perfect!

Posted by Nicole and Michael

Marie Katz recently did my makeup, my mom’s makeup, and 5 of my bridesmaids for my wedding day. Marie is a total sweetheart, very professional, and made me look amazing, I woke up the morning of my wedding with the flu, and in every picture that I saw, and you couldn’t tell that I was sick because Marie did such an amazing job on my makeup. She made me look gorgeous even though I didn’t feel well at all. All of my bridesmaids looked awesome and 2 of them are using her for their own upcoming weddings as well after seeing what a phenomenal job that Marie did. I highly recommend her to any bride out there- you will look amazing! Thank you so much Marie for everything you did for me!

Posted by Christine and David

Marie Katz is very professional and she does fantastic work. She is very enthusiastic about her work, which creates a great atmosphere and makeup application. I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked. The airbrush foundation was perfect since I am not used to wearing much makeup at all. Marie matched my look with my hair, gown, and overall theme of my wedding. It was perfect and I was extremely pleased with everything. If you are using Marie for your wedding, you have nothing to worry about. You will look amazing!

Posted by Laura and Chris

I absolutely loved my makeup! Marie is very talented and she made my entire bridal party look like super stars! Although I loved my make up from my trial, on the day of the wedding I had decided that I wanted something a little different. I trusted her with the change and the outcome was amazing! Normally I do not wear a lot of make up, and she made sure that I still had a very natural look. Besides my Mom and Grandmother, all my Bridesmaids got their make up done as well and everyone looked beautiful. Her work lasted all day, and I was very happy to have her around in the morning because she calmed my nerves. Marie is a total sweetheart, and I will continue to recommend her to all brides.

Posted by Christine and Daniel

Marie did an amazing job for my wedding. I have fair problem skin and her airbrush was light and made my skin look great. She was a pro all the way, arrived early and made me feel relaxed. I would highly recommend her.

Posted by Melissa and Stephen

Marie was AMAZING throughout my whole wedding process. She was reliable in responding to all of my calls and questions. On the day of, she showed up promptly (despite hurricane hanna!!), and was ready to work with a huge smile. I was hesitant at first about airbrushing as I don’t often wear much makeup but after Marie did my makeup, I thought it was gorgeous and I was ecstatic with the perfect results. My bridesmaids were radiantly glowing and all of our makeup lasted throughout the night. Marie was the perfect vendor and I would use her again in a heartbeat!!!

Posted by Danielle and Dave

You read these reviews and you think do people really right these things. Well I can tell you I am really writing this my self, and all I can say about Marie Katz’s work is amazing. Not only is she personable she is a real professional. I had her do the airbrush base with regular makeup over that and well I got married on September 4th 2008 and if you remember that day it was hot and as a real bride and person I will tell you I was sweating horribly and threw the hole day and night my make up did not come off at all. I had it done at 11:30am and by 1am Friday morning it still looked as good as when I got it done. I would recommend her work to anyone as would I use her again for any important affair I may have in the future.

Posted by Heather and Kevin

Marie made me look beautiful on my wedding day. Marie was professional, talented, and reasonable priced. I looked wonderful in all my pictures thanks to Marie, and my excellent photographer from Right Angle studios. I would highly recommend Marie’s make up services. My girls also looked great! Marie was able to do 5 girls in just under three hours. She is great!

Posted by Alyssa and Matthew

Marie was fantastic! I knew just by meeting her that I had made the right decision by using her. She was able to take your own natural beauty–an intensify it to look naturally flawless and elegant. I had complete faith in her abilities and the proof was evident with the endless comments on how my make up looked. She is a definite must to any bride who wants to look her best!!

Posted by Stacey and Jeff

I was very pleased with Marie Katz’s work. She was prompt, friendly and was a pleasure to work with. She chose beautiful colors that complimented my skin and made me look natural. The makeup lasted all day and evening. I received many compliments on my makeup on my wedding day. I would use her again and I highly recommend her!

Posted by Samantha and Brian

I would totally recommend my makeup artist, Marie Katz, to any bride. Everything was perfect from the makeup trial to the day of my wedding. She arrived early and did a fabulous job on all 8 of us. She was very professional and down to earth. She made me feel like the most beautiful bride!!!!!

Posted by Jenine and Phil

Marie was great. She came recommended to me by a friend who is also in the make up business and when I met her for my trial I immediately knew she would be the one I would work with. She arrived on time, was fun to work with and did a fabulous job on all of us. She works incredibly quickly but is flawless in her application. I highly recommend her!!

Posted by Allison and Thomas

Despite the short notice, Marie was very accommodating for my March wedding. She was able to fit me in for a trial, and completely convinced me air brushed make-up was the way to go on my wedding day. The make-up she did on my maids, my mother and I all looked very natural and beautiful. I loved the make-up and how it looks in all of the photographs!

Posted by Nikole and Joseph

Marie was great to work from the moment I contacted her to book a trail until my wedding day. Any time I had a question, she would answer my e-mails right away. Marie is a sweet, warm, caring and fun person. On the day of my wedding she was on-time, kept me calm and relaxed while applying my makeup and did an amazing job. My makeup stayed on perfectly all day/night. The only thing I needed to touch up was my lipstick. I highly recommend Marie.

Posted by Melissa and Jason

Marie was very nice & professional. She showed up on time (even though it was super early) and was ready to work. She airbrushed 5 of us and the results were beautiful. My makeup lasted all day and despite dancing for 3 & half hours straight it still looked perfect. I never like how I photograph – ever – but I do have to say that I have loved the pix that I’ve seen so far…I think she worked a miracle! I’d highly recommend Marie!

Posted by Mary and Tommy

Marie was great! She was punctual and very personable. For someone who doesn’t wear make up I didn’t feel clownish or made up at all. Everything felt natural. The girls and I got and are still getting compliments. I would recommend Marie to anyone who needs to be ravishing for any occasion.

Posted by Nicole

Marie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She was the 2nd trial I had and I booked her on the spot. On my wedding day she was early and ready to go before we were. She did me, my mom, and 5 BM. We all looked fantastic and we still looked the same at midnight. Not only does Marie know what she’s doing but she is a sweet, patient person. I’m so happy I chose her to be there on my wedding day

Posted by Elizabeth and David

I booked Marie for my make-up trail and I decided to do airbrush on the day of my trail. I loved the way the airbrush looked, it was light and not caked on my face, and it was very natural looking. I booked Marie for my wedding day and it was the best decision I could have made. My make-up lasted the entire day and I got so many compliments. I would not have changed a thing. The make-up looked flawless.

Posted by Pamela and Charles

I had the pleasure of working with Marie Katz for my wedding and could not be happier. Marie was an absolute pleasure to work with and was very helpful from the first time I met her at my trial. She helped me find the perfect look for my wedding day and the final result was amazing. She arrived early on the day of the wedding and was ready to work. She did mine as well as 6 of my bridesmaid’s makeup and everyone was very happy with her work. All 7 of us had the airbrush makeup applied and it came out perfect. Not only is Marie sweet and honest, but she is very good at her job. I would definitely use Marie Katz again.

Posted by Mariel and Michael

My mother, bridesmaids, and I had a great time working with Marie! We had airbrush make up, which lasted through the tears and dancing without having to reapply. All of us looked like the better version of our every day selves, and all the photos came out well. Not only is she punctual, professional, and easy to work with, she was also a sweetheart. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!!

Posted by Caitlin and Ryan

Marie is not only a talented make-up artist, but such a warm and caring person. On the day of the wedding, she arrived early and ready to go. She was so laid back, which was great because rather than being stressed out, getting ready was fun and relaxed. One of my BMs was an absolute nightmare and very difficult to work work with, but Marie was a true professional and was patient and kind regardless of how nasty my BM became. My mom is currently going through serious medical treatments, and Marie was so flexible with her time and products used and made her look radiant. Everyone remarked on all of our make up throughout the night. Besides that fact that she is a great make-up artist, Marie is a wonderful person and I would recommend her 100%!!!

Posted by Krista and Stefan

I had the pleasure of working with Marie for my October 14th wedding. From the beginning, Marie was so wonderful to work with. The first time we met, it was like I had known her for years! She made me feel so comfortable and she used the colors and style of makeup I asked for. On the morning of my wedding Marie did the makeup for 5 of my bridesmaids, my mother, and myself. She arrived at my house early in the morning and made me, my bridesmaids, and even my mom feel calm and comfortable. It was like having a friend over for coffee! She used airbrush makeup on everyone and they all said that they could not believe how light the makeup felt. She was flexible and she used colors that complimented everyone’s skin and eye color. Everyone looked amazing on my wedding day and in my pictures. I can’t say enough about the experience I had with Marie. She is not only a true professional, but such a warm and caring person as well. It was an honor to have her as a part of my day.

Posted by Sharon and Codell

I was very lucky to have someone as professional as Marie on my wedding day. She did a fabulous job on my girls and myself. She was flexible with colors and the girl’s likes and dislikes. She also had the makeup on hand for purchase to use for the remainder of the day, and with the chaos of the morning it was a great help. My best friend even asked me if I had eyelash extensions put on because my eyelashes looked so thick and full but it was only the mascara Marie used. I could not recommend Marie enough!

Posted by Stephanie and Robert

What can I say that so many other brides haven’t already said about Marie? From the trial to the wedding day Marie was nothing but professional and personable. She returned contacts quickly and was always willing to answer any questions that I had. She arrived early on the wedding day which eased my mind since we had a morning wedding. She did my make up, my mom’s make up and a bridesmaid’s make up so quickly but also so wonderfully. And while she was there to do a job, she was also friendly and added to the excitement of that morning. The airbrushed make up was amazing and I got so many compliments on how natural I looked and the make up lasted ALL DAY. Even through a few happy tears. I highly recommend Marie to anyone who wants to look their best on their wedding day. You are in expert hands with Marie. Thanks again, Marie!

Posted by Melissa and Justin

I used Marie for my wedding on September 30, 2006. Right from the beginning Marie was extremely professional. She always returns phone calls/emails to answer any of your questions. She showed up at Oheka Castle on time (I was running a little bit late) and was ready to get to work! She did an excellent job on my makeup, my mom’s makeup and mother in laws makeup. She also did the makeup for my bridesmaids. Everyone’s makeup stayed on for the entire day. The airbrushing was great… I felt like I was not wearing any makeup at all! Marie makes you look special, but not like a clown. She knows just the right colors to use and the right type of application of makeup for the type of person that you are. I wanted to look natural but special, and she did just that. I made sure to question everyone to make sure they were happy with the way their makeup came out and they were all thrilled! I highly recommend Marie to all brides!

Posted by Maria and Louis

Marie was fantastic and I would highly recommend her for your makeup! She was on-time and did a great job. Not only that but she was so sweet. She kept in constant contact with me during the wedding process and I had no problem getting in touch with her if I had any questions.

Posted by Kathleen and Nicholas

Two words to describe Marie – TALENTED PROFESSIONAL! I had had a couple of trials prior to choosing Marie, as soon as I met her – I knew I wanted to use her. She has a great personality and knows exactly how to accent a person’s face without making them look like they have too much make up on. Marie arrived early and ready to go. I had a 7 bridesmaids, my mother and I to get done. She arrived at 7AM and was finished by 12, she was so efficient and a pleasure to work with. Everyone looked AMAZING and the make up lasted all day. The make up looked fresh and natural on everyone. I had very picky bridesmaids and everyone was so happy with their make up. Thanks Marie – I will definitely be recommending you to other brides!!!

Posted by Kristin and Marty

Marie had done my make-up for a friends wedding last year and it turned out so great that I just had to book her for my wedding this past month. She airbrushed my whole bridal party including myself and I must say we all looked fabulous. We received compliments all night how flawless we looked. I actually woke up the morning of my wedding with a shiny red nose and a bruise on my eyelid after banging heads with 1 of my bridesmaids the night before. After Marie had used the airbrush, you couldn’t tell anything was ever wrong. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Posted by Diana and Ray

I saw pictures of Marie’s work through pictures of a friends sister’s wedding. I couldn’t believe how everyone looked, so natural, clean and elegant. I quickly got her name! When you first meet Marie, it’s as if you have known her your whole life. She is warm, friendly and funny! I loved my trial and the day of was even better. She did me, my MOH (sister), mother and 2 BM’s and my Jr BM (my 9yr old-Just a little touch of something) It’s so great to have her around your crazy morning, she brings so much joy with her. We all loved the way we looked. The airbrushing is such a clean look, it doesn’t looked caked on or anything. It’s just enough to smooth you out. I highly recommend Marie. She is a true artist and a great person. Thanks Marie on making me look my best. You are a true artist!! Good Luck to everyone!!

Posted by Rhiannon and Christopher

Marie Katz is fantastic!! Her work is so so good! She did airbrush makeup on me, my mom, and the bridesmaids and everyone loved it!! One of the bridesmaids is even booking Marie for her wedding day!! The airbrush makeup is so light and makes you look flawless!! Last but not least…. Marie is a sweetheart!! She is so easy to work with and has a great personality!! She is just a true pleasure!! Thank you Marie!!!!!!

Posted by Elisabeth and Kent

I booked Marie for my 7/15 wedding and her work is amazing! She is the nicest, funniest and most talented make-up artist — I recommend her services 100%!! When I look at my pictures I am amazed at what a classic, beautiful job she did on our whole bridal party and my mother. Marie is the best – thank you for making me beautiful!

Posted by Erin and Brian

Words cannot really express how much I love Marie! From the moment I contacted her in the beginning of 2005, to the day I got married (July 3, 2006) I have had the honor of having her be my make up artist 4 times! Though I found her first, I passed her on to my cousin and my best friend who both used her for their weddings!! She truly is an “artist”, and I thank her for being a part of my day! Now I just have to find another wedding, so I can use her again!

Posted by Marisa and Anthony

I had the honor to use Marie Katz for my June 24th wedding. I can not begin to tell everyone what a wonderful experience I had with Marie. As soon as I met her, I knew that it was going to be a wonderful experience. Marie was extremely organized with confirmation emails, and phone calls. She touched base with me each month before my wedding. That truly showed me that she cared about her clients. The day of my wedding Marie showed up early, with a HUGE smile on her face. She was so excited you would think that I was one of her family members getting married. She did an outstanding job with my mother, sister, and I. Our makeup looked flawless. We looked so natural, and did not look like we had tons of makeup on. We all got the air-brush foundation, and we all looked unique. My makeup looked the same from noon-midnight. I have received so many compliments on my makeup. The first thing people ask me when they look at my proofs is “Oh My G-D, Who did your makeup” I proudly say, with a big smile…Marie Katz. I would use Marie over and over. She was fabulous. I recommend her to everyone, and anyone. Thank you so much Marie, you truly helped me feel like a beautiful bride not only are you an excellent makeup artist, but after my wedding makeup experience I consider you my friend. ..xoxox

Posted by Crissy and Tyler

Marie is amazing!!! She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and is a pleasure to work with. The day of the wedding she did airbrush make-up for me, my mother, as well as all my bridesmaids. She did an amazing job. Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous and we all received comments on how beautiful we looked. I would use Marie again in a heart beat and would highly recommend her to anyone!

Posted by Kristen and Jason

I honestly can not begin to tell you how wonderful Marie was! She arrived at my house early (I was still out getting my hair done) and was waiting for my arrival! Marie did both my maid of honor & my makeup! She truly made us look flawless & we both received such wonderful comments throughout the day! Marie was such a pleasure to work with & my makeup was still just as perfect 12 hours later!!! I am looking forward to using Marie again in July for my best friend’s wedding!!!

Posted by Melissa and Christopher

Married Saturday November 5, 2005

Marie did the makeup for me, my mother, and my future mother in law and all of my bridesmaids. We all looked flawless! She did an amazing job. Marie even showed up to my home early and stayed to do everyones makeup when she was very sick! I would highly recommend her!

Posted by Corinne and Bill

I cannot say enough great things about Marie, she is wonderful. She made me feel so comfortable and did such a great job on my BMs, my mom & me that we all looked beautiful. I got so many compliments on my makeup and how natural it looked. We all got the airbrush makeup and our makeup looked great up until the point we went to sleep. My DH hated the fact that I was getting my makeup done he thought it didn’t look natural but he loved Marie’s work–the natural look. I would highly recommend Marie to any bride.

Posted by Marissa and Frank

I used Marie for my  wedding and she did my makeup as well as 3 of my bridesmaids and my mom. Everyone’s makeup was beautiful!! We all got airbrush makeup and it covered up everything and lasted all night. Marie is wonderful and fun to work with!!

Posted by Gabrielle and Warren

Marie did my make-up as well as my five bridesmaids and my mother for my 10/1 wedding. We had the air brush make-up and I could not have been happier with the results-it lasted all day and I only had to re-apply my lipstick! She came to my house early and ready to work-and she works fast. She knows her stuff and loves what she does and that shows through in the final product. She has such a sweet personality and fit right in with the craziness of the day like she had known us forever and made every one feel so calm. She returns e-mails and phone calls promptly. By far one of the easiest vendors I worked with! The day I booked Marie I had no doubts that my make-up was in good hands.

Posted by Diana and Candido

I cannot say enough good things about Marie. From the minute I met her I thought she was such a sweetheart. She did my makeup for my wedding on September 17th and I did not have to reapply ANYTHING all day long.. not even my lipstick! She is such a wonderful person and loves what she does which shines through in her personality. My makeup looked perfect and I am soooo glad I chose Marie!!!!

Posted by Nicole and Scott

Marie arrived on time to my house. She did my make up as well as one of my bms and my mom. She did an amazing job! I got airbrushing done which I loved! It lasted the whole night! We all looked wonderful! Marie was a pleasure to work with. She is so easy to talk to and personable. I highly recommend her.

Posted by Jennifer and Daniel

Marie deserves a 100% because she is AMAZING!! She did my make-up for my wedding, and my best friend’s wedding. Both times I looked gorgeous without even looking like I had make-up on. The airbrushing is amazing, because you look so smooth and natural. The make-up stayed on all day, and I even woke up looking great. I am a simple person, who only wears lip gloss on a daily basis, and she just brought out my features without looking made-up. She is so talented, and I recommend her to everyone I know that is getting married. She did an amazing job on me, my mom, and 9 bridesmaids. You don’t have to look any further she is the best make-up artist in the world.

Posted by Liz and Justin

Marie was the best. She was so calming and we all had a great time. She was very efficient doing my makeup, my mother’s makeup and my five bridesmaid’s makeup in three hours. Everyone’s makeup stayed the same on all day. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Posted by Helen and John

Marie did such a great job for my 6/18 wedding, and she’s so nice. She did my makeup as well as 3 BM’s and the MOB. Everyone complimented my makeup, I had airbrushing, and it stayed so beautiful all day. She was on time, very pleasant to work with, and very professional. I would highly recommend her.

Posted by Erin and Gregory

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to do my make up! Not only did she make me feel like an old friend, she made me feel and look like the most beautiful bride she has ever seen! I felt so special! My makeup looked perfect and everyone was complementing me on it all day! I highly recommend her to everyone, and I do mean everyone! Love ya Marie! Love, Erin

Posted by Donna and Jay

Marie did an absolutely wonderful job on my makeup for my 5/21 wedding! She arrived at my house early (and I was running late at the hair salon) and was very patient and gracious as everyone buzzed around the house. She did airbrush and it stayed PERFECT the entire day- everyone still comments on how great and natural my makeup looks in my pictures. I HIGHLY recommend Marie! 🙂

Posted by Monica and John

Marie did a wonderful job with my make-up for my May 6th wedding. The airbrushed make-up lasted all day and all night! I was very pleased to find her thru LIW’s. She is very professional in her communication and very personable to work with.

Posted by Jennifer and Joseph

Marie was great!! Not only does she do a fantastic job but she is very personable and relaxed. A pleasure to work with. She did my make-up, my mother, and bridesmaids and everyone loved their make-up. They were all very natural and no one looked like they had too much make-up on. I had the airbrush and it is awesome…it makes your skin look so smooth and natural and it lasts all day. I received so many compliments up until the end of the night on my make-up!! I also used the airbrush to cover a tattoo on my shoulder that I wanted to hide…and it worked awesome!! No one knew it was even there! Thanks Marie, you did a great job and I will recommend you to all my friends who are engaged!!!!!!

Posted by Jackie and Anthony

Marie was really great. I needed at last minute someone to do my engagement makeup and she agreed to do it for me. I went to her home and was very happy with her and her work. Because of some traveling, she was not going to be able to do it for my day of but I recommend her as well. She is such an affable person and totally works with you.

Posted by Jenna and Rich

Marie was incredible! She did my make up, as well as the make up of my mother, sister and two other bridesmaids. Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous. She was unbelievably patient (especially with me and my mom who went to her for 2 trials each and sent her countless emails with the many changes we kept deciding we wanted to make), efficient, sweet, fun and an all around pleasure to have around. Everyone was so pleased with how their makeup came out. One of my bridesmaids even decided to book her for her own wedding, after seeing how gorgeous she looked. As someone who regularly wears a lot of makeup, I realized how EXCEPTIONALLY picky I am about how my makeup looks. Marie listed to what I wanted, worked with me on changes I wanted to make and did an overall incredible job. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Posted by Allison and AJ

Marie is fantastic! I LOVED the way my makeup looked the day of my wedding. I would recommend Marie to every bride out there! She is very personable and makes you feel so comfortable. I never wear make up and was a little nervous about how I would look, but I am so happy with how beautiful I looked. Thanks Marie!

Posted by Lori and Matthew

I wish there was an option to rate higher than a 10, because that is what Marie Katz deserves. She is classy, professional, talented, SWEET, calming… I could go on and on! Marie did airbrush makeup for both my sister and I. Both of our faces came out looking fantastic and flawless. My mother had her makeup done at our hair salon — her makeup was, shall we say, not exactly natural looking! Marie immediately took charge of the situation and came to the rescue as both psychologist and makeup artist. She calmed my mother down and then artfully corrected the makeup so it looked natural and pretty. I cannot thank Marie enough for her services that day — not only did I get tons of compliments all day and night, but I felt better knowing my mom was feeling great too!! From my trial to the day of the event, Marie went above and beyond. I give her an 11! Thank you Marie!! Love, Lori

Posted by Morgan and Christopher

Marie was fantastic! She is such a sweetheart. She did an amazing job with the makeup for all of us ( MOB, BM and Me). It looked flawless the entire night! Marie was so professional – came right on time, courteous, professional, and always returned phone calls. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering using a professional. She does a beautiful job!

Posted by Arlene and Matthew

Marie was extraordinary!! I found her by chance on this website and went to her for a trial run. I was indeed taken by her pleasantness and her knowledge on makeup. Not only was she prompt when she came to the house but she came with a smile, an eagerness and zest to make myself, my bridesmaids and my mother look beautiful!!! She even added in my sister in law last minute! She knows what colors look best on everyone and she makes you look great without that heavy made up look. I suggest the airbrush. I used that and it lasted all day! The only thing I had to touch up was my lipstick! By the way, everything she uses on you, you can purchase from her so there is no more searching at the stores for the right color!!! Everyone raved about the way the make up looked! Marie is truly one of a kind and the nicest person I have ever met. I would tell everyone that needed a make up artist to use her! This was definitely money put to good use! Marie, thank you for helping to make my day so special and memorable! My pictures will look fantastic, thanks to you!

Posted by Jennifer and Dale

Marie is AWESOME. When I spoke to her on the phone it was like talking to a friend that I had not seen in years. She made me feel comfortable that I wanted to fall asleep in her chair. My make up stayed on the entire night. I never had to touch it up and it felt so light on. I could not believe it was the same person looking the mirror. I felt so glamorous! Thanks Marie!

Posted by Denise and Nicholas

Marie is an absolute doll. I received so many comments on how beautiful my make-up was and how long it lasted. (I did the airbrush) From the first trial to the wedding day, Marie was punctual, sweet and a true artist. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else do my make-up!

Posted by Susan and Greg

Marie was fantastic!! I loved her from the moment I met her at my trial. She airbrushed my make up and did my MOH and BM as well as my mom with traditional make up. At the last moment she did one extra person at the house. We were all thrilled with the way she “made us up” and it stayed well into the night. I only touched up my lipstick. She understood what I was looking for and made me very relaxed the morning of my wedding. I would highly recommend her for not only her prices BUT her service was OUTRAGEOUS!!! I would use her again and again……… anyone who chooses her will have nothing to worry about

Posted by Karina and Ben

Marie did my Mother in Law’s make-up and she looked very pretty. All my contact with her was on the phone and she was a pleasure to work with. I recommend her.

Posted by Jill and Brian

Marie was not only a creative and talented make-up artist, but such a sweetheart to work with! She was punctual, friendly, and very accommodating. She’s got great products and knows how to create the perfect “BRIDE” look. Everyone in my wedding party was thrilled with her work. I HIGHLY recommend Marie Katz to everyone!!

Posted by Danielle and Neil

I used Marie Katz for my August 8th wedding and couldn’t be happier. She really took the time to listen to what I wanted and she did such an amazing job. People are still raving about how awesome my make-up looked. I went on so many trials and found Marie Katz to be the absolute best. I know you will too.

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